National Federation of Pensioners Association

The National Federation of Pensioners Associations was founded in 1976 and currently has twenty Pensioners Associations affiliated to it, who represent in the region of 29,000 pensioners. The Federation represents Pensioners from the Public Service, Semi-State Bodies and from Private industry. The Federation is unique in that all of its Members are in receipt of occupational pensions.

The Federation is a very focused body made up of like-minded Affiliates with much in common. It is an independent voluntary body with a National Executive Committee comprised of Pensioners, all of whom, including its officers, serve in a honorary capacity. The Federation is funded by subscriptions from its Affiliated Associations and a small grant from the Department of Health and Children.

The Policy decisions of the Federation arise from proposals which are voted on and accepted at our Annual Delegate Conference The Federation stresses the need for pensioners to be formally involved in all decisions that affect them. To this end the Federation insists that they should be involved in any consultation process involving pensioners.

The Federation makes a pre-Budget submission each year and emphasises the needs of older people in the matters of Health, Finance/Tax, Social Welfare and other areas that may arise. The Federation stresses the need for equal treatment for older people in matters of Health, Travel, House and Car Insurance among other areas and seeks to have the Equality Authority Report on “Implementing Equality for Older People’ implemented.